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Community Awareness and Response on AIDS (CARA) is a Registered Non-governmental, non political and not for profit organization established in 1995 by a group of people affected and concerned about HIV and AIDS, Human Rights Violations, Poverty, Food security and nutrition. CARA was also established to promote access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation at community and household level, promote family planning and sexual reproductive health and building the capacity of both CARA and communities to handle challenges affect ting them. The organization is currently operating in the regions of Central, East, and Western Uganda.
CARA’s mission is to empower Ugandans to effectively respond to the challenges that come with social injustice, diseases and poverty Vision Empowered Ugandans living in a just society free from diseases, ignorance and poverty.

Our Objectives

  • To advocate for the promotion and protection of rights and dignity of vulnerable and most at risk groups in Uganda.
  • To contribute to the national targets of reduction of HIV infections in Uganda.
  • To equip the youth with sustainable livelihood and life skills.
  • To contribute to the healthy living of Ugandans in water and sanitation access services and sexual and reproductive health in Uganda.
  • To transform CARA into a learning organization that continuously, efficiently and effectively delivers services to her targeted beneficiaries.

Through her programs We target the following;

  • Women, Children,
  • People living with HIV
  • Youth
  • Elderly
  • People with disabilities
  • The most -at -risk populations

Our areas of focus (core program areas)
HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, Promotion of human rights, Poverty reduction, Promotion of sexual reproductive health and family planning, Promotion of food security, Promotion of hygiene and sanitation and promoting of access to water, community and institutional capacity building to deliver quality services and Development of partnerships, collaboration and networking and creation of linkages for strengthened referral systems.


CARA’s mission is to empower Ugandans to effectively respond to the challenges that come with social injustice, diseases and poverty Vision Empowered Ugandans living in a just society free from diseases, ignorance and poverty.

Our Experience and Achievements 2017-07-28T08:46:43+00:00

CARA has successfully implemented different projects in relation to her mission vision and objectives. The projects implemented created linkages and strengthened referral systems and improved coordination and networking. These activities range from OVC support, HIV prevention care and treatment, economic strengthening, women and children’s rights, food security and nutrition, improvement of access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation, sexual reproductive health, promotion of access to quality education, human rights, governance and accountability. The projects implemented are both static and community based in nature, engaging communities to demand for quality services, community out reaches i.e. taking services nearer to the beneficiaries who are in most cases vulnerable.

Some of the projects implemented by CARA include; Promotion of women and children rights for HIV prevention in Buhweju district funded by Independent Development Fund (IDF) (2012-2013). The project reached 13,525 people with Human rights and HIV prevention messages.

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CARA has the following structures;
Advisory board. The board advises on matters of policy, financial, human resources, technical and gives strategic thinking and direction to the organization.
The secretariat, CARA secretariat is headed by Executive Director who is the chief accounting officer, responsible for the day to day running of the organization. The Executive Director is recruited by the board, below him; there are other key staffs responsible for technical implementation of activities. These include; programs manager, finance and administration manager, research, monitoring and evaluation manager, human resource manager among others.
Partnerships, Collaboration and Networking
CARA believes; that much can’t be achieved single handedly therefore partnerships, collaboration and Networking is way to go. Working together creates a strong and one voice among different actors; it strengthens referral systems, creates linkages and access to quality service delivery. In relation to the above, CARA is a member of different networks and associations and these include;

  • Uganda National NGO Forum
  • Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations (UNASO)
  • Girls Not brides National Alliance.
  • Girls Not brides International Alliance.
  • Different District NGO Forums
  • West Ankole Civil Society Forum

We are also a member of different committees that aim at a well coordinated and quality HIV/AIDS service delivery in District local governments. They include District AIDS Committee (DAC), District orphans coordination committee (DOVCC) among others.

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CARA has clear and strong existing systems together with a strong technical and financial management capacity which has enabled the organization to handle development partners’ grants for successful implementation of different projects. With over 20 years experience in community work, CARA has successfully implemented different projects at district and other lower communities. CARA which started as a CBO has seen her growth through different stages and now it is a national NGO mandated to operate country wide.

CARA has policies and manuals that guide day-to-day management of the organization both financial and programmatic activities and they include;

  • Constitution, which is supreme with set of laws in CARA governance and administration.
  • Human Resource policies and procedures manual which gives guidance in management of organizations human resources.
  • Finance and Administration manual which guides the financial management and internal financial control systems.
  • The procurement policy which guides CARA on procurement of goods and services
  • HIV and AIDS work plan policy which outlines human rights issues more especially protection of rights of people living with HIV at work place.
  • Volunteers’ policy in place, since the organization in most cases use volunteers, a policy to guide in handling and management of volunteers is key
  • 5year strategic plan which gives the focus and direction CARA is taking. It guides the overall activity implementation in CARA. Monthly, Quarterly and
  • Annual work plans are drawn from the strategic plan, it helps the implementation focused on the organization’s mission, vision and objectives.
  • Finance and procurement guidelines for CARA partner CBOs, which guides the partners on how to manage funds, managing risks to be able to deliver good services to the intended beneficiaries and report in time.
  • Standard operation procedure, the document helps in pre, during and post activity implementation.
  • Resource mobilization strategy, this guides the organization in mobilizing resources for CARA.
  • The child protection policy.
  • Partnership strategy.
Our Method Of Work 2017-07-24T08:52:15+00:00
  • Community mobilization and sensitization
  • Use of existing community structures like VHTs, youth groups & associations, PLHIV Groups, Post Test club, trained peer educators, women groups among others.
  • Meaningful involvement and participation of beneficiaries at all levels.
  • Information sharing sessions and feedback meetings.
  • Community dialogue meetings including barazas and village parliaments.
  • Community Seminars
  • Interactive sessions
  • Partnership, collaboration and networking for creation of linkages and strengthening referral.
  • Skills development through trainings and placements.
  • Training and mentorship.
  • Use of media, both print and audio.


OVC Care And Support OVC and their households continued to access services delivered by CARA in the


Good Governance

Governance Accountability Participation and Performance CARA implements projects of Good Governance, Accountability Participation and Performance in Kayunga


HIV Prevention

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