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Project Description

Human Rights Promotion and Protection

CARA took the lead to promote women and children’s rights in Buhweju and Kayunga districts with the emphasis on the following Human rights violation issues
Early marriages: Girls in Uganda and the two districts of CARA’s operation specifically Buhweju and Kayunga. Girls are married off early before attaining the majority age stipulated in the 1995 constitution and this is coupled with child neglect and desertion
Property grabbing especially land .The districts are facing high levels of property grabbing in many families especially land that belongs to windows and orphans. Once the woman has lost the husband she and her children are not entitled to inherit property left behind by the husband. Therefore, property ownership was one of the issues addressed

Gender based violence, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV); this is an act of violence that has suffocated women’s enjoyment of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Women in Buhweju suffered SGBV because of the social construction of masculinity, which condones male dominance over women in the district. This at end resulted into serious implications for women’s ability to protect themselves from HIV infections and has led to high levels of domestic violence


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