Quality education and Gender Equality

Promotion of Quality Education

Many people especially in the rural areas of Uganda are suffering from illiteracy. The quality of education is still poor with school going children in higher primary school classes unable to write their name or solve simple arithmetic problems.

We attribute the low quality education to the high levels of poverty and HID related issues.

 For example, a number of school going children as young as 8 years have been forced out of schools to head families.

In cases where parents can’t afford the cost of scholastic materials, the children are forced out of schools to manage small scale gardens especially rice and millet gardens.

The girl child is the most affected. In the absence of menstrual health support and the highly chauvinistic community, these girls are forced into early marriages thereby denying them the opportunity to stay in school.

CARA intervenes through community engagements and sensitization, free distribution of scholastic materials and advocating for quality education services in schools through engagements.

Some of the school going children receiving scholastic materials. This is one of the interventions of CARA to support improved quality of education services.

Promotion of Gender equality

CARA prioritizes women and girl child empowerment in order to create gender equality. We do this through empowerment, rights promotion, fight inequalities, and promotion of girl child education.

CARA community sensitization meeting
A community sensitization meeting carried out by CARA to promote peace building and prevention of cultural practices which affects women and girls.

CARA work in communities where there is high levels of sexual and domestic violence which in many cases affects the girls and women.

For instances, a number of girls as young as 13 years in the rural communities of Uganda are being forced into marriages, their genitals are being mutilated (traditionally using knives in a highly unhygienic way), and honour killings and many other cultural practices.

CARA has been able to create a community impact through community sensitization and legal interventions.