No Poverty, Clean water & Sanitation


Majority of the people in Uganda earn less than a dollar a day. They cant afford all the necessities of life making them live an inhumane kind of life.  Poverty reduction is one therefore one of CARA’s core program areas.

The interventions include; Promotion of income generating activities, village saving and loan associations, creation of employment opportunities for vulnerable Ugandans especially youth and women groups.

The above is done in support of Uganda vision 2040 and national development plan (NDPIII) and in line with sustainable development goal 1.


In one of its programs, CARA promotes access to safe water and sanitation.

It’s done through provision of clean water sources, community mobilization and sensitization on promotion of sanitation and hygiene and maintenance of clean water. Through private public partnerships, CARA supports the government of Uganda programmes on promotion of access to safer water and sanitation, this is also done in line with sustainable development goal6

The lack of clean drinking water sources is forcing people especially in the rural communities to use dirty unhygienic water sources.