What we do

CARA has 6 major strategic interventions. These include;

I: HIV Prevention

CARA places significant efforts in community engagement with the aim of improving on evidence based HIV prevention programming and creating demand and utilization of HIV prevention services in her areas of operation


  • Reaching people with HIV prevention messages through peer to peer talks
  • HIV counseling and testing and referal for treatment
  • Condom education and distribution
  • IEC materials redevelopment, printing and distribution
  • Community mobilization and sensitization on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights including Family Planning
  • Holding dialogue meetings with targeted populations
  • Having educational films showed among the targeted categories of people

The following categories of people are targeted

  • Commercial Sex Workers
  • Young people out of school
  • Young people in school
  • Adults in long term sexual relationships
  • Boda-boda riders
  • Fisher folks and the
  • People with Disabilities, Women and Girls
  • Saloon owners and hair dressers and babers
  • Cinema hall operators

2: Poverty reduction through promoting income generating activities/sustainable livelihoods

CARA has supported the community with income generating activities as one way of reducing poverty among grass root communities. In order to achieve that CARA Distributes Piglets and chicken to the most poor households and communities in its areas of operation.

CARA has also continued with mobilization of communities ,trained people in small businesses and interprenuership and village savings and loan programs

Women and Youth groups and associations have been formed purposely to create efforts in poverty reduction.

The above also target households with the burden of orphans and other vulnerable children for sustainable livelihoods.

The above are done in line with Government programs and strategies.

3: Human Rights Promotion and Protection

CARA has continued with its efforts and activities aiming at promoting rights of most vulnerable people like Women, children and people with disabilities.Issues below have been forcussed on;

Early marriages:

Girls in Uganda are married off early before attaining the majority age stipulated in the 1995 constitution and this is coupled with child neglect and desertion ..This what CARA addresses as part of its assignments.

Property grabbing especially land .

In Uganda property grabbing especially land that belongs to widows and orphans is very high. Once the woman has lost a husband she and her children are not entitled to inherit property left behind by the husband. This is mostly driven by wrong cultural beliefs Therefore, promotion of rights especially property ownership among the less previlleged is one of the issues CARA handles

Gender based violence

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) is an act of violence that suffocates women’s enjoyment of their human rights and fundamental freedoms.It continues to affect women and Girl’s Developments and this is also CARA’s area of focus .

4: Access to Quality Education

CARA believes that you can not be successful in other sectors without quality education

Good school environment plays a major role in keeping children at school therefore, CARA mobilizes resources for improving learning environment like access to clean water, latrines, bath and changing rooms especially for girls ,prevention of school related gender based violence among others.

In Uganda many children drop out of schools due to lack of school requirements like exercise books, uniforms, pens, pencils, and sanitary pads for girls.

CARA through her partners mobilize resources and provide some of the above mentioned requirements aiming at provision of quality Education to Ugandans

5: Access to safe water and hygiene

In one of its programs, CARA promotes access to safe water and sanitation.

It’s done through provision of clean water sources, community mobilization and sensitization on promotion of sanitation and hygiene and maintenance of clean water. Through private public partnerships, CARA supports the government of Uganda programs on promotion of access to safer water and sanitation, this is also done in line with sustainable development goal 6.

Activities like construction of Rain water harvesting tanks, provision of piped water,provision of Water wells, Bore Halls among others are CARA’s focus right from household level to community and National levels.

6: Promotion of food security and nutrition

CARA works to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition. This is done through promotion of food security and nutrition.

CARA provides high yield planting materials/ seeds, agro- inputs among others and training of farmers on modern methods of farming.

The above are done in support with Uganda vision 2040, the third national development plan (NDPIII) and also in line with sustainable development goal 2.